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Welcome to the NICO Reading Group Wiki!


The Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems Reading Group is for graduate students, post-docs, undergrads, faculty, and any interested researchers (internal or external to Northwestern) who are doing research or have an interest in complex systems. Complex Systems is an inherently multidisciplinary approach and so this group is open to interested parties in any discipline. This group will meet on a regular basis (typically every week) to discuss research papers on a wide variety of topics related to complex systems including but not limited to: agent-based modeling, social networks, nonlinear dynamics, cellular automata, artificial life, global systems, robustness, scaling laws, social dynamics, markets, communication, human language, behavior, biological computation, cognitive neuroscience, and adaptive computation.


Recommendations for future readings, books and papers, as well as research topics can be shared in the document here

Please feel free to edit it and submit your own suggestions as well your preferences....!


We are now also on Slack, send an email for an invite if you want to join our community!


The NICO Reading Group is currently being organized by Wouter Vermeer (wouter.vermeer@northwestern.edu). If you have any questions about the group please send me an email.

Next Meeting


May 17, 2016: Noon - 1 PM

  • location: Meeting room 236 (first floor) of Chambers Hall (Transportation Center)
  • Readings:  
    • Social media affects the timing, location, and severity of school shootings, by Garcia-Bernardo et al., here 
    • Contagion in Mass Killings and School Shootings, by towers et al. in PLOSone (2015), here






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